Long Side Locks Hairstyles

The face and hair are the first to draw attention. For this reason, women put so many efforts to take care of the face, as well as to select a hairdo to suit them most of all. Undoubtedly, a haircut shall correspond to the age, profession, and a style of each particular woman. In such a way, her look will be harmonious.

While selecting a shampoo and diverse means for hair care, a woman shall identify her hair type. Of course, it would be better to ask a professional stylist for a piece of recommendation. When the hair looks healthy and shining, each hairdo will look stunning and eye-catching.

If a woman has got a long haircut or a multilayer hairdo with long layers, she can arrange her hair in diverse ways depending on the occasion. Some of them are office-style, other ones are appropriate for official events.

Hairstyles for Long Hair and Locks

  1. A ponytail on the top of the head with a voluminous braid. The hair shall be collected in a ponytail and divided into three parts. After, it shall be braided. To get a peculiar and voluminous braid, it is necessary to fix each turn of hair by means of an elastic tie. After, some locks have to be loosened so that a braid is voluminous.
  2. A fluffy double ponytail. The hair shall be divided into lower and upper parts. At first, the lower hair shall be arranged in a ponytail fixing it with a tie. After, the upper part shall be backcombed near the roots. After, the hair is arranged into the second tail which covers the lower one. The owners of thick hair should try this double ponytail.
  3. French inside out braid. It is a very original hairdo which will take only several minutes. The hair shall be divided into two equal halves. A French braid shall be arranged under the chin. In the end, the braid shall be fixed with a tie. Taking a tip of a braid, it shall be thrown over the head backward. This hairdo will be suitable for the office, as well as a concert or party.
  4. Asymmetric tail with knots. This is a very elegant hairstyle which will match an evening gown. The hair shall be combed to the side, some mousse should be applied to make it obedient. After, it shall be divided into two parts, and two knots shall be tied out of these two locks. The knots shall be tight and fixed by a tie or a pin. Lacquer can be used to fix a hairstyle.

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