7 Multilayer Hairstyles for Women after 40

A multilayer haircut can help in any problem with the hair. If it is too thick or too thin, if it lacks volume or can hardly be arranged, in all these cases a hairstyle with multiple layers will help. The most significant is to opt for the hairdo which will suit the facial traits, body shape, and an overall style.

Depending on why a woman wants to have her hair cut with multiple layers, it is necessary to choose which type of hairdo to make. Those who want something bold and extravagant shall consider square-shaped and horizontal layers as they will create straight lines and inhomogeneous structure. Vertical layers should be chosen to reduce the volume, while diagonal ones will add it.

Styles with Multiple Layers for Short Hair

There are diverse options for a short length. In addition to different types of styles, a woman may highlight her facial traits by means of different dyes and their combinations.

  1. Pixie is one of the most beloved one among 40+ women. It can be cut in a classic manner or customized by a hair stylist.
  2. Textured or cascade bob which is a perfect option for women who want to visually change the shape of the face.
  3. Short grunge that will rock a complete look of a woman. This is a brave choice, however, a woman after 40 with such a hairstyle will be definitely in the center of attention.

A Medium Length Multi-layers Hairstyles 

This length is one of the most beloved among the women of all ages. Especially when a woman turns 40, this length is the most convenient one. With multiple layers, there is total freedom in the quantity and direction of layers.

  1. A blunt bob is a beloved hairdo for women. If it is cut with multiple layers, an additional volume can be ensured.
  2. A cascade bob with elongated front locks is a trendy choice for those women who adore stylish looks.
  3. An angular multilayer bob will be a fashionable option for women over 40. It is easy to arrange, but the owner of this hairstyle shall remember that she has to attend a hairstylist regularly as this hairdo requires to be maintained in proper shape.

Haircuts for a Long Length

Geometric haircuts are in a trend. The upper part can be cut in layers, while a lower one remains long and straight. 

Due to multilayer hairstyles, 40+ women have got the possibility to opt a hairdo which will suit their facial traits and body shape. It is important to identify which problems shall be hidden and which benefits to be highlighted by means of a haircut.

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